Love It Or Leave It: Selena Gomez’s (Affordable!) Boho Look?

In case you haven’t already noticed, I am totally on Team Selena. I kind of like the girl — she’s genuinely talented and actually seems refreshingly down-to-earth. Of course, that could all be an act, but who knows? I also think she (or her stylist, for that matter) happens to have great taste: the “Spring Breakers” star (so excited) consistently looks classy and comfortable, whether she’s in high-fashion frocks or a loose, billowing garment like this cutout maxi dress she wore to The Alliance For Children’s Rights’ 21st Annual Dinner. I love this kind of bohemian look (though it isn’t anything I’d ever be able to wear myself — look at her freakin’ abs!), and I’m also pretty impressed that she managed to take this $150 dress from Urban Outfitters and make it look just as luxurious as the $1,500+ gowns she usually wears. What say you?[poll id=”4771″]