Justin Bieber Spins The Downward Spiral Wheel, Loses It On A Photographer In London Friday Morning

I’m pretty sure it’s official: Justin Bieber is losing it. After passing out during a concert last night, then tweeting a shirtless photo of himself in the hospital shortly thereafter, Justin had what sounds to me like a bit of a meltdown in London this morning. And it all got caught on video. Justin hopped out of his SUV and lunged at a paparazzo, screaming “I’ll fucking beat the fuck out of you!” as his handlers attempt to restrain him. At first this news kind of delighted me, because I love a good celebrity mental decline, and all the signs are there — the fainting, the gas mask, the suspicious lateness, The Black Keys altercation, the butt-baring Instagram photos, the rumored sizzurp — but then I watched the video and felt pretty awful. The photog is really, really fucking nasty, and Biebs and his crew look exhausted. It’s easy to forget that the kid is 19 and super-sensitive and impressionable, and it seems like he might be Lohan-ing a little bit. Sad. I would not want to be Justin Bieber, that’s for sure. [Gossip Cop] [Photo: FameFlynet]