Finally, A Fashion Line Exclusively For Tomboys!

If you lean toward a more masculine aesthetic but are sick of shopping in the men’s section, you’ll definitely want to check out TomboyX, a new clothing company that plans to cater exclusively to self-described tomboys. Currently over halfway to meeting their fundraising goal on Kickstarter, the TomboyX collection will feature button-up shirts, polos, blazers, and other classic men’s styles designed to fit a woman’s body (I’m pretty obsessed with the knit blazer). According to the website, TomboyX’s mission is “to provide clothing options for a demographic that the fashion industry typically ignores – women who want unique, comfortable clothing that celebrates their tomboy spirit.”

All TomboyX clothing will be manufactured in the USA, and little details like hidden buttons, contrast stitching, and plaid linings ensure the streamlined pieces will be anything but boring. Watch the video above to find out more, and if you believe in what they’re doing, donate a few bucks and spread the word to help these awesome women get their business rolling. [Kickstarter]