Century 21 Accused Of Selling Marc Jacobs “Faux Fur” Jacket That’s Actually Real Fur

Century 21 stores, for those not lucky enough to live in suburban New Jersey or Long Island, are a magical chain of discount stores that sell designer clothes at up to 65 percent off. They’re kinda like more upscale Marshalls or TJ Maxx stores. It’s fitting that on the very first episode of “The Carrie Diaries,” Carrie Bradshaw goes shopping at the famous Century 21 in downtown Manhattan.

Sucks, then, that Century 21’s web site and two stores have gotten busted selling products marked as “faux fur” which are actually real fur. 

A four-month sting operation by the Humane Society of the United States found that Century 21 has been selling several items which were mislabeled. A Marc Jacobs jacket advertised itself as “faux fur,” but actually contained the fur of raccoon dogs (pictured) which are skinned alive from their coats. A sweater for infants was unlabeled, but contained rabbit fur.

Fur clothes are required by law to be identifiable as real or fake. A Federal Fur Products Labeling Act “clearly states that all garments trimmed with animal fur must give the name of the animal along withe the country where the animal was killed,” according to Cathy Kangas, a member of the Humane Society Board of Directors who blogs for the Huffington Post.  But the Humane Society would rather that stores like Century 21 stop selling fur at all.

You can read tips on how to shop for fake fur — and make sure it really is fake fur — from this PDF by the Humane Society.


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