“Bust” Founder Marcelle Karp On What It Means To Be A Feminist

To me, to be a feminist is to know that women and men are of equal value. Value. There are a lot of things that spring out from that ethos: what we can accomplish, how we evolve as people, how we relate to each other, gender wise. But if you approach gender from a place of an even playing field, it allows for “roles” to be stripped away, for convention to be stripped away, for conditioned behavior to be stripped away. It allows for women to enter a workplace and know that whatever her skill is, she can excel in that arena, go further and further still. To be a feminist who understands that women and men are of equal value means that in a relationship, a breadwinner is something either or both partners can be. To be a feminist to me that is understands men and women are of equal value is freedom.

––Marcelle Karp, who along with Debbie Stoller and Laurie Henzel, founded Bust magazine in 1993. [The Women Take Over]