Anita Sarkeesian’s “Tropes Vs. Women In Video Games” Is Here!

  • Remember last summer when blogger Anita Sarkeesian of started raising money on Kickstarter to fund an in-depth video exploring tropes of women in video games? Misogynist trolls lost their marbles, threatening to rape Anita and calling her countless ugly names like “bitch” and “slut” all over social media. It was quite the shitshow, prompting a much-needed discussion about how women are treated when they “infringe,” so to speak, on traditionally male spaces. But this week, at long last, “Damsel In Distress: Part One – Tropes Vs. Women In Video Game” is online and here for you to watch. I highly recommend it.  [YouTube]
  • Some Catholic and African-American churches in Chicago are vowing to ban any Illinois politicians from their houses of worship who vote in support of the state’s forthcoming marriage equality bill. How very Christian of them! [Queerty]
  • will begin selling goods from small, women-owned businesses. I smell a distraction tactic from their continued allegations that they practice gender discrimination. [Reuters]
  • On the radical potential and great disappointment of school sexual misconduct boards. [Feministing]
  • So, this is fucking horrible. [Huffington Post]
  • Debunking the statistic that “women own 1 percent of world property.” [The Atlantic]
  • Why women should hate the patriarchy instead of each other. [FemInspire]
  • Was “The Cosby Show” actually one of the most feminist shows of all time? [Sexy Feminist]


  • The UK’s Border Agency refused to allow three Afghan women boxers into Britain for an International Women’s Day boxing match with British female boxers tomorrow. The agency was reportedly afraid that the Afghan women were never planning to return to Afghanistan. [Guardian UK]
  • Three women a day are killed by a partner in South Africa, the highest rate reported in the world. [AP]
  • Oxfam is distributing pink cell phones to women in rural Cambodia in hopes it will help them improve their businesses. [Guardian UK]
  • An interview with an LGBTQ activist in Russia who organized against the country’s new anti-gay law which forbids “the promotion of homosexuality.” [Bitch Magazine]

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