Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Fallon Fox Comes Out As Trans

After six years of competitive MMA (mixed martial arts) fighting as a woman, Fallon Fox has come out of the closet — against her wishes — as trans.

In an interview with OutSports on Tuesday, Fox explained how she was born into a male body, but never felt right. Ten years ago, she told her parents that she felt like she was born inside the wrong body. Her father pressured her into seeing a so-called “gay conversion therapist,” who insisted that Fallon was a gay man who was just confused. Fallon’s mother  rejected her entirely; in the past two years, she hasn’t spoken to either parent.

But Fallon knew in her heart what her identity is: Fox began hormone therapy 10 years ago — after dropping the anti-gay therapy — and got gender reassignment surgery six years ago. She even has a driver’s license identifying her as a female. After her surgery, she took up MMA fighting. She praised the support of those close to her for their support.

As for any physical advantages — size, testosterone — she might have had from being born in a man’s body, Fox said they’ve all likely been erased by 10 years’ worth of hormone therapy. “I’m technically, legally, physically female. Everything about me is female,” she told OutSports. She calls her transition the best thing she’s ever done in her entire life.

That doesn’t mean, however, that Fox wanted to be “out.” When a reporter called her on Saturday night asking about her gender, Fox felt a pit in her stomach knowing that she would soon be forced to make her private life public. Her reluctance has come from fear of transphobia, of course, as well as the professional desire to be treated unquestionably as a “woman,” not treated as a “trans woman” or just “trans.” Fox told Out Sports she is hoping the Champion Fighting Alliance won’t forbid her from competition and hopes one day to compete in the Olympics. She is scheduled to fight in Florida in April, but her license is being reviewed by a state regulatory agency now that she’s been revealed as trans.

OutSports also has a short, five-minute film interview with Fallon Fox, which shows her to be both thoughtful and conflicted about the complications of her life. It really sucks that she was forced out of the closet against her will and that her family-of-birth couldn’t get over themselves. Still, her story is as inspiring and she seems really courageous and rad. I wish her the best of luck in her career.

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