Japanese Women Wearing Advertisements On Their Thighs

It’s an advertising scheme Don Draper surely thought about but could never have voiced in the 1960s: paying young women to wear advertisements … on their thighs.

A Japanese marketing firm is paying women ages 18 and over $121 a day to wear temporary tattoo-like stickers carrying advertisements, Business Insider explains, in the space between the hem of a short shirt and a kneesock is called “zettai ryouiki” in Japanese. Thigh-vertising isn’t just about getting eyeballs on the street (although, that too): the young women who are hired for thigh-vertising must prove their popularity on social networks and post pictures of their advertised thighs online, posing in at least two locations.

Is thigh-vertising really much different from other types of advertising that exploits women’s bodies, like logos plastered on bikini bottoms? Of course it isn’t; it’s just the next step. Still, as Business Insider points out, the specific scheme particularly doesn’t pass the Caitlin Moran smell test: Are the boys doing it? Nope. Only women are allowed for this venture.

On the other hand, though, the only thing I really find odious about thigh-vertising is that its a company profiting off normalizing — really, encouraging — men to leer at women’s upper thighs. Women have covered their bodies in tattoos, including their thighs, since forever and I don’t see much of a difference between this and that.

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