6 Things To Know About The UN’s Commission On The Status Of Women

March is Women’s History Month, and this Friday is International Women’s Day. (And March is  my birth month — so many reasons to celebrate!) Fitting then that this week  kicked off the start of the United Nation’s Commission on the Status of Women:  10 days focused on promoting women’s rights worldwide.

What is this commission all about?  Six essential things to know about it after the jump:

  1. Never heard of it before?  The Commission of the Status of Women is in it’s 57th year!  This year it has a handy acronym (and #hashtag) CSW57.
  2. Who participates?  Each year the 45 member nations (nations have rotating four-year terms) meet at UN Headquarters in New York to talk gender equality, the challenges that women still face and how to implement change.
  3. What is it all about? The priority this year is violence against women and girls — both prevention and (hopeful) elimination.
  4. Is it all women? Nope. Both women and men sit on the Bureau of CSW57.  It’s Chair  as well as two out of four Vice-Chairs are women.
  5. Anything open to the public? Actually, yes.  There’s a slew of side events hosted by member countries and NGOs that can be attended.  These range from talks to movie screenings.  (If you’re interested some do require RSVPs.)
  6. What happens at the end?  An “agreed conclusion” is reached and set of concrete recommendations is made for governments to potentially implement at both the international and local levels.

This sounds like my kind of event!  I’m glad issues, like violence against women, are being discussed on a global scale and look forward to hearing more news about the conference over the next couple of weeks.


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