12 Celebrity Alien Encounters

Alleged UFO sightings happen all the time. Only, they get more attention when they happen to celebrities. This week, Russell Crowe posted video stills of an unidentified object hovering over Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens on YouTube.

“A friend and i set camera to capture fruit bats rising from Botanic Gardens, this was a big surprise… Canon 5D, No Flash, can’t be a lens flare because it moves, camera is fixed,” Crowe tweeted.

I’m more miffed by why Russell Crowe and friend were trying to capture fruit bats rising. Gross. Is that a thing?

Even though he’s famous, Crowe’s UFO sighting is being met with appropriate skepticism. Some YouTube commenters have questioned the editing on the video. Hmmm. Good point. Being that aliens are my number one fear, I don’t wish to ponder it any longer. Shifting into denial mode.

Russell Crowe isn’t the only celeb who believes in the existence of extraterrestrials. Click through for other stars who say they’ve had close encounters of the third kind. [ONTD]