Some Rappers Think Making It Rain At Strip Clubs Should Be Tax Deductible

I just did my taxes last night and felt justified writing off my legitimate business expenses. Stuff like books I bought or taxis I took to and from work events. I’m very proud of how anal I am about saving every receipt. Apparently, a number of rappers such as The Game, Jim Jones, Bizzy Bone, Daz Dillinger and Lil’ Flip feel that their legitimate business expenses should include money spent at strip clubs. TMZ spoke to a few of the rappers crusading for the “make it rain” tax deduction. Their pleas to Uncle Sam after the jump.

Bizzy Bone:

“I’m giving charity to females who need their light bills paid.  So, of course, that’s a write-off.  You write off your kids, don’t you?”

The Game:

“Making it rain is good for business and promotion that comes with the lifestyle of a rapper. They bump our music in a strip club, so me giving the girls a little bit of change to shake their ass — that comes with the business.  Everybody wins.”

Daz Dillinger:

“Hell yeah.  I’m going to see about getting my taxes fixed as soon as possible.”

I guess technically, kind of, sort of, the “making it rain” write-off could be justified as an entertainment, advertising or publicity expense. But I believe that falls under very creative accounting. Only issue: receipts! Asking a stripper for a receipt after a lap dance might kill the vibe. But if rappers can write off strip club expenses, then I demand that as bloggers we be able to write off therapy. [Hip Hop Wired]