Gay Couple’s Pink Poodle Prompts Alleged Hate Crime

David Beltier and his boyfriend Jeremy have three poodles, Muffin, Beauty, and Princess, each with brightly colored fur dyed with Kool-Aid. Last week David and Jeremy were walking their pink poodle, Beauty, down the street of their Portland suburb when a SUV pulled up alongside them and the male driver started yelling anti-gay slurs. The man’s ire seemed to be sparked by the color of the couple’s poodle, which he called “Un-American” (yes, seriously).

What could have ended as an ugly verbal assault escalated into a terrifying physical attack when the driver took a U-turn, stopped his vehicle, and ran toward Beltier with a pair of bolt cutters. Beltier was able to block most of the blows and dial 911 as the assailant drove off. The attacker was apprehended by police the next day and charged with assault, reckless driving, and a bias crime.

“Honestly, I feel like the pink poodle provoked him,” Beltier said. “We weren’t holding hands or anything. Just walking the dog like normal.” Luckily Beltier received only minor injuries, and Beauty escaped unscathed. [OregonLive]