A Pill You Only Take When You Know You’re Getting Laid?

While there are many positive side effects from taking a once-daily birth control pill — no more heavy periods, no more acne, less intense menstrual cramps — the main purpose, as the name suggests, is to prevent pregnancies.  It is just one of many forms of contraception used by those who are not ready to have children.

Yet those on the Pill can attest that the potential for human error is high.  The Pill’s effectiveness is reduced if a dose is skipped or even taken outside a specific margin of time.  The Guttmacher Institute reports that 54 percent of women who have had abortions say they’ve used some form of contraception (usually the Pill or a condom), and of once-daily pill users who had abortions, 76 percent said they used them inconsistently. At last, there might be hope for the fair-weather BC pill user!

According to Bedsider.org, new research suggests that low doses of  levonorgestral (the active hormone in Plan B) taken around sexytimes could be taken as a contraceptive. (Hmm, it’s sounds like a mini-version of the morning-after pill, sorta.) Though it would not be as effective as once-daily pills, it would still be more effective than a condom for preventing pregnancy.  Known as the pericoital pill — which translates to “around sex” — it would hypothetically be taken a few hours after sex.

Hopefully this research leads to results — because results mean more protection!

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