Very Disturbing Frat Activities At Columbia, Including Something Called “Poonspeeding”

If you don’t want to know about “poonspeeding,” I respect that. But you already know about butt chugging, so what the hell? You might as well know what the fine, young gentleman of Columbia University are getting up to. Without being judgmental of those who have found great value in frat life (my brother was in a frat and he is a top notch, respectful-of-women human being), I will say, that one of the reasons I chose to go to NYU was because of their lack of Greek life. According to a leaked scavenger hunt sheet from one of Columbia’s Pi Kappa Alpha pledges, there are many “tasks” to be completed for points. These range from dumb (Piss on Church of Scientology: 5 pts) to questionable (Baby Cat: 20 pts) to blatantly disrespectful to women (Video of pledges piggy-back racing on fat girls: 10 pts). The most offensive, including an awful thing called “poonspeeding,” after the jump.

Panties from an FIT girl: 5 pts

Panties from an NYU girl (sorority better): 5 pts

Double D bra: 5 pts

1 copy of tentacle porn video: 5 pts

1 copy of midget related pornography: 5 pts

Video of pledges piggy-back racing on fat girls: 10 pts

Video of a pledge poonspeeding (eating pussy while wearing a swimcap and goggles): 25 pts

You can see the full scavenger hunt list at the link. How comforting that videotaping a woman engaging in a sexual act is worth the big points. My soul is cringing right now. [Gothamist]