“Said To Lady Journos” Is My New Favorite Tumblr

Once upon a time, I was a spritely young newspaper reporter and got a very gross introduction to the way some men treat female journalists. My own dad would jokingly refer to me as the “girl reporter” and tell people my job was to run through the office yelling, “Stop the presses!” (It wasn’t.)  A reporter from another paper used to make sexually suggestive comments to me all the time. He once sent a Vermont Teddy Bear to my parents’ house as a gift to me. It was weird.

Another time someone told me I was so pretty that I should be on TV news so everyone could look at me, as opposed to working at a newspaper. This one time I asked a question to the fire chief and he said to me, “Aww, you wouldn’t understand it” and then proceeded to explain it to my male colleague. But that was nothing compared to this other time that I accidentally knocked over an interviewee’s mailbox with my car. I emailed him back at my office offering to pay to replace the damage and he wrote back, “Don’t worry about it — just have sex with me and we’ll be even.”

All this is to say that Said To Lady Journos, a Tumblr documenting the dismissive, rude, sexually harassing, and creepy comments — like the ones above — that people say to female journalists. You would not believe the number of people who refer to adult women reporters as “kiddo,” “honey,” or “girl” or ask why we have jobs in journalism when we’re so pretty, we could be doing something else. [Said To Lady Journos]