Man Gropes Woman, Promptly Falls Into A Manhole

Karma’s a bitch.

Last night outside my apartment in New York City, the street was flooded with lights, sirens and a cherry-picker? Yes.  A cherry-picker, along with a host of emergency personnel, surrounded a gaping hole familiar (and clearly marked, for the record) to this stretch of sidewalk. Firefighters kept gawkers at bay and I asked other bystanders, “What the hell happened?” It was explained that somebody had fallen into the aforementioned sidewalk orifice. Come to find out, the man who took the tumble was fleeing after having groped a woman on the street.

“A woman came up to us very distraught,” a Con Ed worker to the New York Post, “She was, like, a man came up to her. She said he groped her.” When the Con Ed men asked her where the man went, it had turned out he’d only made it 15 feet … down into the depths of West 3rd Street.

Asshole meet manhole! The groper suffered minor injuries, and was taken to Bellevue. Hopefully he’s learned his lesson: sexually harass and grope a woman and you’ll end up in a deep pit. If it were up to me, he’d stay down there.

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