Dating Don’ts: 7 Types Of Vine Videos That Will Almost Certainly Scare Dates Away

Forget Instagram! Vine is the new social media hot spot. Six second videos from all your best digital friends? Sign me up. As long as they’re interesting, that is. As a general rule of thumb in social media, no one wants to see mundane posts about your Friday night viewing of “Bridesmaids” or a rundown of what you had for breakfast. And that’s no different with Vine—in fact, there’s even more to consider when sharing live-action shots. In Vine’s short life, I’ve already seen all types of overshares—from a fork-to-mouth video to a toothbrushing/flossing supercut. If you want to come off cool and savvy – and don’t want to scare away potential love interests, you who you might be interested in dating, shy away from these Vine faux-pas …

1. Excessive videos of yourself. Occasionally you have good hair days, or you do something really funny that’s deserving of a public post. But I can almost certainly say that’s not every day. And even if it is, posting only videos where you are the star comes off as, well, a little bit self-centered. And no one likes that. Try to keep a mix of selfies and other vids – it’ll show your varied interests and make you seem a bit more cultured.

2. You and your girlfriends jumping up and down, screaming the lyrics to “Call Me Maybe.” While that may be a fun night-in activity after a few glasses of wine, it’s probably not one you want to share with the social media world. I mean, if a guy doesn’t like you because you do that, he’s lame—but let that realization come a little more organically.

3. Getting ready for the day, or night out. Curling your hair, putting on your makeup – those processes are part of your mystique. It’s best to keep that part from a guy when you’re first getting to know him—and maintain the “wow” factor when he actually sees you. Unless you’ve been dating a while, then let’s be honest, if he can’t handle seeing you without concealer or Moroccan hair oil, he may need the boot. But, shy away from the videos regardless—you can still keep some of that “wow” factor for everyone else.

4. Seducing the camera. You may think you come off as sexy and mysterious with those come-hither looks and moves you’re giving your iPhone—and maybe you do. But, from an outside perspective, posting it on social media may come off a little nutty, and, well, premeditated. Save the seduction for in-person, and really take him by surprise.

5. Too many videos of your pets. Trust me, I am the biggest advocate of cat videos there is. But even I know to moderate my posting of anything kitten- or cute-related. You may have the most adorable little tiger cat out there, but if your Vine feed is primarily videos of him/her/it chasing the laser pointer, your followers may drop off. And/or make the dangerous assumption that you’re, gasp, a “crazy cat lady.”

6. Your best dance moves. We all like to think we look like Beyonce when we dance, but it’s more likely that we look like all those YouTubers attempting the Harlem Shake. There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your moves, no matter how advanced, but might be best to just keep that two-step under wraps for now.

7. You making out with, or having sex with, well, anyone. I get it. You’re single, you’re free to do whatever you want. But, for so many reasons, that I don’t have to remind you of, it’s best not to broadcast your sexual exploits. Unless you’re cool with them ending up all over the web.