Slutty Ashley Judd Is Unfit For Public Office Because We’ve Seen Her Boobs Onscreen, Say Conservatives

“We Saw Your Boobs” is (ugh) having a moment and conservative blog The Daily Caller is allllll too happy to point out that actress and humanitarian Ashley Judd, who is noodling a run for Senator of Kentucky, has shown her boobs on the big screen. Not just her boobs. Judd has had “some raunchy sex scenes” on film. “[W]ill Judd be the first potential senator who has — literally — nothing left to show us?” asked some asshat. 

The Daily Caller has already been trying to smear Judd as “so outrageous”  because she speaks out in support of women’s rights. (I guess the blog thinks there are people who wouldn’t be able to handle the fact that Judd and her husband chose not to have kids? Who knows.) >Now, as blogger Alyssa Rosenberg at Think Progress recaps, the Caller’s Entertainment Editor Taylor Bigler visited, “the largest free nude celebrity movie archive,” to unearth just how unfit for public office Ashley Judd would be:

We are used to knowing just about everything there is to know about serious political candidates. But will Judd be the first potential senator who has — literally — nothing left to show us? The actress has bared her breasts in several films and has had some raunchy sex scenes in others. According to, which bills itself as “the largest free nude celebrity movie archive,” Judd has flashed just about everything on-screen. It seems like she was particularly liberal with nudity early on in her career… Judd did a lesbian sex scene in 2002′s Oscar-nominated “Frida” and has nine other films categorized as “sexy” by Mr. Skin, meaning that there is at least one racy scene in those films.

Trying research that must have been, Taylor Bigler. The boobs. The “raunchy” sex scenes. The lesbian sex scene. Will worker’s comp cover this abuse you withstood?!

Am I surprised conservatives will slut-shame Ashley Judd for being a sexual woman onscreen? Not a bit. But a quick reminder, my friends, that politicians are not sexless eunuchs and that goes double for anyone who worked in the entertainment biz. Case in point: Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown was a Cosmopolitan centerfold and — in addition to sexual harassment allegations against him and the child he fathered out of wedlock with a family made — former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger hasn’t portrayed an untouched virgin onscreen either. 

But then again, they’re dudes. (Republican dudes, actually.) When a woman goes topless or nude, whether onscreen or online (as in the case of former Virginia Congressional candidate Krystal Ball), she’s supposed to be ashamed, embarrassed, mortified — whereas men who strip onscreen will be chuckled  at or even lauded.  Writes Rosenberg:

[Will] Ferrell can get down to his BVDs and still be happily married, raise money for cancer charities, and play the straight man in movies like Stranger Than Fiction. We know that Michael Fassbender is not actually the sex addict he portrayed in Shame in the same way that we know that he doesn’t actually have the capability to manipulate metal with his mind possessed by another one of his characters, X-Men‘s Magneto. But with actresses, that division appears to be less certain. … It’s a bizarre suspension of logic … 

That suspension of logic is called sexism. And sexism is what Ashley Judd will be up against all the way until the election, if she does indeed decide to run.

But it shouldn’t be so. If we can laugh off Scott Brown’s Cosmo’s centerfold, we can laugh off Ashley Judd’s topless scenes. It’s only fair.

[Think Progress]

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