In Which I Introduce You To Mug, Your New Favorite Internet Cat

This is Mug. This little cat is owned by my friends Renee and Tom, and I’m absolutely obsessed with her. No, me and Mug have never actually formally met, but that hasn’t stopped me from “liking” her Facebook page and spending at least a good two to 10 minutes going over her ridiculous photos every day.

And oh, did I tell you about her amazing back story?

mug the cat and tom
Mug, with Tom, shown to scale.

Renee found Mug lying lifeless on a stoop in a puddle of her own urine.  “I approached her and she didn’t run away which made me think she was on her way to the big party in the sky. On the way to the hospital she immediately took a giant dump in the cat carrier we procured — had to drive with the windows there gagging the whole way.”

Mug close upPure rageaholic.

Her diagnosis? There was absolutely nothing was wrong. “She was just incapable of taking care of herself outdoors,” explains Renee. “That’s the real life back story but Mug later made it clear that we just found her after a really bad bender.”

Seriously, don’t wake me up before you go-go, you monsters.

Mug and Barnum

Mug, with her dog friend Barnum, shows off the curly underbelly of her lion cut.
Barnum is like, “get me out of here.”

Plus, she’s a perma-kitten and only weighs five pounds! The more you know!

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