What Is The Purpose Of This “How To Be Like Jennifer Lawrence” Article?

Jennifer Lawrence is everybody’s celeb of choice these days, and for good reason. Sure, she just won an Oscar, but it’s her charisma that puts her in such a universally adored position: she’s disarmingly funny and consistently quotable (not to mention GIF-able) thanks to her offbeat, self-deprecating sense of humor, and she definitely isn’t afraid to make a fool of herself. There’s just something about the way Jennifer carries herself that makes her instantly relatable, whether she’s flipping off interviewers backstage or tripping up the stairs in couture at the Academy Awards. We want to be her pal and, yes, we also inherently want to be her. She’s a very talented and very famous actress who happens to be conventionally beautiful while still coming across as a grounded goofball who just wants to drink wine and watch reality TV on the couch with her friends (and eat) — she’s just someone you’d want to hang out with. I get it.

Still, that doesn’t make it any less bizarre that People Style Watch ran a piece called “How to Be as Awesome as Jennifer Lawrence in 6 Steps.” The “steps” are as follows: don’t be afraid to get dirty; laugh off your falls; when in doubt, call Mom; take fashion risks; lose the filter; don’t obsess over your body. I mean, I guess those are pretty good tips to try and follow in general, but I just don’t really understand the point. My number one tip for being as awesome as Jennifer Lawrence is by being Jennifer Lawrence. So there’s that. [People]