Art School Confiscates 68 Vials Of Student’s Sperm

Are you eating? Because I can’t ask you to read a blog post about an art student who stored 68 vials of his own sperm in a school fridge without making sure.

Marc Bradley Johnson, 23, who attends the School of Visual Arts in New York City, planned an exhibition called “Take This Sperm And Be Free Of Me,” displaying 68 vials of his own spunk in a fridge, which he “harvested” himself, that visitors could take home. The jizz was meant to represent “creation, parenting, desire, masculinity, fantasy and reality.” He even agreed to microwave the sperm vials to kill off pathogens (and, bonus, achieve that freshly-harvested feeling of warmth!).

But one day after the show began at SVA’s gallery, the school went limp on Johnson’s project. They told him they were worried the semen was not entirely free of pathogens and could become bio-hazardous waste if misused. They insisted the vials be disposed of by a bio-hazardous waste management company. The fridge was then taken and stored in some lucky administrator’s office while Johnson, who calls his work “absurd … but not reckless,” claimed censorship.

Thankfully, Johnson and his wardens have reached a compromise. He can “display” his piece only if the fridge full of sperm is sealed shut and no guests can take a vial of his sperm home with them. This is what I think they call suffering for your art!

By which I mean “Ugh, art students.”

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