You Choose It, We Write It!

This week, we learned about a new and fabulous time-suck on the Internet: the Content Idea Generator at  You plug in a word or phrase — say, “farting” — and it autocreates a headline like the kind you’d read on BuzzFeed or BrainPickings.

“The 8 Best Farting Twitter Feeds To Follow!” “15 Ways Farting Can Find You The Love Of Your Life!” “What Farting Can Teach The World About Peace!”

Most of ‘em are laughably dopey. But with God as my witness, some of these headlines are actually doable … and dare I suggest good? So The Frisky staff has a fun idea. We want you to vote on a weird, auto-generated headline for us — and then we’ll actually write a post about it. And it will be amazing.

I’m first-up, so let me know what you want me to write by voting below!

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