Worst Nightmare: Florida Man Sucked Into A Sinkhole While He Slept

Late last night, Florida man Jeffrey Bush was sucked into a sinkhole that opened in his home’s backyard, and grew larger, swallowing his bedroom. His brother, Jeremy Bush, who also lives in the house, tried to rescue his 36-year-old brother from the hole, but was nearly sucked into the rubble himself. Authorities had to pull him out before they lost him as well.

Jeremy reports that he just gone to bed when he heard a loud noise like a car hitting the house and cries for help from his brother’s room. When he opened the door, he found the dresser and bed had disappeared into a hole. That’s when he jumped in and began to dig. 

“I couldn’t do anything … Everything in the room was gone. … I just wanted to get my brother back. That’s all I wanted,” Jeremy said.

Rescue crews lowered listening devices and cameras into the sinkhole, but found no signs of life, a Fire Rescue spokeswoman said.

A version of this scenario is what kept me awake at night worrying when I was a kid. Only, I thought I was going to get sucked into my closet. Turns out, it was a perfectly rational thing to be scared of. I am so absolutely, positively horrified right now that I can’t even make a Florida joke. Here’s hoping that Jeffrey is found alive. [Miami Herald]