Virginia Spa Bans Gays, Lesbians & Transgender Folks

  • Spa World, a spa in Virginia, has forbidden LGBT folks from using their facility because their “abnormal sexual behaviors and orientation” are a threat to kids and recently asked a customer to leave. Spa World is now being investigated by the Better Business Bureau for discrimination. [Think Progress]
  • Brown University’s student health plan will begin covering 14 different sex reassignment surgery procedures next August. [Human Rights Campaign]
  • On how female veterans cope after experiencing military sexual trauma. [New York Times]
  • Are women having too many C-sections in the United States? [i09]
  • Congratulations to 106-year-old Reba Williams, who finally received her high school diploma. [Clutch Magazine]


  • A seven-year-old girl was reportedly sexually assaulted at her school in Delhi, India. [BBC]
  • A Japanese court sentenced two American servicemen to prison time for a rape that occurred off a military base in Okinawa. [CNN]
  • The burqa business in Afghanistan is on the decline. [BBC]

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