South Dakota Flat-Out Being A**holes To Women Seeking Abortion

This is how anti-abortion extremists try to control women’s bodies: they use state legislatures to create bogus and medically unnecessary laws that make it very, very difficult for a woman to have an abortion.

Case in point? South Dakota, which already requires a 72-hour waiting period before an abortion, advanced a bill in its state Senate yesterday to remove weekends and holidays from those 72 hours, meaning women have to wait even longer.

Why do anti-abortion extremists do this? Because South Dakota only has one abortion clinic and it’s a medium-sized state, meaning many women have to travel in order to get the procedure. And traveling means finding childcare, taking time off work, and dealing with other responsibilities. Waiting periods  — especially loooong waiting periods which require at least two trips to the doctor — are intended to make it hella difficult for women to get to the clinic. If the governor signs this bill into law, South Dakota would have the longest waiting periods for abortion in the country. 

Like I said, assholes.

In addition to South Dakota’s current 72-hour waiting period, women seeking to terminate a pregnancy at the Planned Parenthood in Sioux Falls are required to meet with an anti-abortion organization called a “crisis pregnancy center,” which have been known to mislead women about abortions.

And yet abortion providers are so dedicated to ensuring that women of South Dakota make decisions about their own bodies instead of the government that they fly in from out-of-state.

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