Crucial Pizza News: Maria Shriver’s Blaze Pizza Is Coming To A Shopping Plaza Near You

Maria Shriver loves pizza. Yes, the former first lady of California and accomplished journalist is a pizza fiend. That’s why she, along with several of her high profile friends, have invested $3 million in a new Subway-style pizza assembly fast food business called Blaze Pizza. So far, there are only two locations — in Southern California — but the chain is hoping to balloon up to at least 15 spots in the next year or so.

And here is why I am so delightfully thrilled about this. A pizza store where you can build your own pizza and have it served to you in less than five minutes? Imagine the pizzabilities! There are going to be so many new topping combos created! I hope the staff don’t mind when I set up a tent in-store and basically move into the freezer area. That’s not weird at all, right? [Bloomberg]