Brazil’s Created Special Seating For Obese Olympics Fans

Excited to head to Brazil’s 2014 Olympic Summer Games? Well, if you’re obese, expect to pay a little bit more to enjoy the sports. Where standard-sized stadium seats start at $28, all obese seating is $58. Brazilian law defines obesity as a “disability,” and as such requires that the stadium be properly outfitted for the disabled. Approximately 120 of the 64,000 seats in Castelao, the main Olympic stadium, were designed with the obese in mind and are equipped to hold up to 560 pounds. And just in case obese fans don’t feel bad enough about having to pay extra to watch the games, they’ll also be singled out by having their seats painted blue, instead of the regulation white used for all other seating.

I’m all for special seats to be made to make sure people are comfortable, but it does seem a bit unfair to make obese people pay extra for that comfort. I know this is a common practice in the airline industry, too.

What do you think? Should obese people have to pay more because their seats take up more space? [Daily Mail]

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