“American Horror Story” Season To Focus On The Salem Witch Trials?

  • “American Horror Story” season three cast members are dropping hints that the show will focus on the Salem witch trials. [E! Online]
  • Emma Watson is in talks to play Cinderella in a Kenneth Branagh-directed flick in which Cate Blanchett would play the evil stepmother. [Variety]
  • In other Emma news, Sofia Coppola’s new movie “The Bling Ring,” about a bunch of Los Angeles teens led by reality “star” Alexis Neiers who robbed the homes of celebrities, is headed to theaters this June. [Film Thrasher]
  • Nooooo! A baby gorilla at the Cincinatti Zoo was rejected by his mommy and now volunteers are taking turns dressing up in a gorilla suit and snuggling the little guy while feeding him a bottle. It’s the sweetest!  Oh and also HE WEARS A DIAPER LIKE A HUMAN BABY GAHHHH. [Huffington Post]
  • Some mom-to-be in West L.A. is accepting $5,000 to let the Internet name her baby. [Daily Dot]
  • The “Harlem Shake” is actually becoming a protest song in Africa and the Middle East! [New York Times]
  • Marc Anthony’s new girlfriend Chloe Green is the heiress to Topshop — which probably means she’s richer than J.Lo. [MTV UK]
  • H&M will start selling clothes online in the U.S. beginning this June, according to rumors. [Racked]

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