The Oreo Separator Machine Will Either Make You Cheer Or Cry

Motivated by his extreme dislike of the center of an Oreo cookie, physicist David Neevel built  a robot-like machine that separates the cookie from the creme. Neevel slaved away for .04 years on The Oreo Separator Machine (OSM), which uses scraps of wood, metal and floss to rid the chocolatey cookie halves of their creme. (BUT THAT’S THE BEST PART!)

“I don’t have a catchphrase for my machine but if I did have one I guess it could be something like ‘Let’s Get That Creme Outta There,’ or like, ‘This Creme’s No Good Get it Off the Cookie,’ or something,” said Neevel.

I can’t argue that this machine is genius. I just wish it did the opposite thing. TEAM CREME! Please save all the discarded Oreo creme for me, David! And can you invent something similar for cupcakes? I only like the frosting. [Hyper Vocal]