The 10 Best Screaming Goat Music Videos

Yesterday was the best day of my life. Want to know why? Because I discovered this video mashup of Celine Dion singing “All By Myself” with a screaming goat. I’d seen the Taylor Swift goat music video that Julie posted last week, and loved it (obviously!), but goats and Celine Dion are literally my two favorite things. Seeing them together in one video made me laugh, and cry, and push play over and over for about an hour. And guess what? There are so many more goat music videos where this one came from! After the jump, check out nine more hilarious examples…

Katy Perry — “Firework”

Carrie Underwood — “Blown Away” (Carrie loved this video so much she posted it on her Facebook page.)

Taio Cruz — “Dynamite”

Taylor Swift — “I Knew You Were Trouble” (The video that started it all!)

Maroon 5 — “She Will Be Loved” (Surprisingly romantic!)

Miley Cyrus — “Party In The USA” (Technically this one features a lamb, but oh my God, so funny.)

Jay-Z & Kanye West — “Ni**as In Paris”

Kelly Clarkson — “Since U Been Gone”

Bon Jovi — “Living On A Prayer” (probably the best one of all.)