Nope, Skinny Models & Famous Starlets Won’t Sell Your Widgets Any Faster

Women, we are difficult, fickle creatures. In our tabloids we body shame famous ladies, and in our magazines we gawk at every slim model body demonstrating the latest fashion trends. But when it comes to advertising? We don’t want skinny models or famous women. A new study from the Warwick Business School found that women are actually turned off by advertising featuring products set alongside models and celebrities.

That’s because, say researchers, skinny minnies and beautiful celebrities make us feel bad about ourselves.


Instead, women responded most positively to advertisements that put the emphasis on the product with the model or spokeslady in the background. Explains Dr. Tamara Ansons, who worked on the study, “When exposure to these images of beautiful models is subtle, a subconscious automatic process of upward social comparison takes place leading to a negative self-perception. But that led to a more positive attitude towards the brand.” Images with the model’s visage writ large put female consumers on the defensive.

Are you following? Basically, advertisers need to know that women don’t like being upstaged by pretty models. They make us feel bad about ourselves, and you getting me to buy your product is all about me me me. 

Whoa, women are complex. [Daily Mail]