Mexican Town Bans Slutty, Slutty Miniskirts & Gay, Gay Cross-Dressing

Because no man in the history of the world has ever been able to control his rape-alicious sexual urges, a Mexican town has banned women from wearing slutty, slutty miniskirts.

And they’ve also banned crossdressing. Because, you know, gays.

Women are banned from wearing miniskirts and men will be fined for crossdressing in the border town of Ciudad Acuna to preserve “morality” and “decency.” Says Javier Agudelo, the town’s security chief, these sartorial no-nos contribute to their wearers “commit[ing] several sorts of crimes.” Women, obviously, use miniskirts and “provocative” clothes to prostitute ourselves. Also to provoke fights. And also to lure kidnapping victims. Really, when we are wearing miniskirts, we’re kind of terrible.

Men who crossdress are also contributing to the crime rate — although there are no statistics to prove that, ABC News points out — because they are disguising their identity to evade the police, says Agudelo.  Apparently it’s all “Big Momma’s House” up in Cuidad Acuna!

Friendly tip from me to you? Address the underlying crime culture instead. Slut-shaming women by policing their clothes and using a bogus claim to justify your homophobia just makes you look like assholes.

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