Be My Boyfriend: Jeffery Boussolini, Founder Of The Feline Institute

Dear Jeffrey Boussolini,

I understand that you’re a bit of a cat lady. Me too! As founder and sole proprietor of the Center for Feline Studies, you’ve transformed your apartment into a kitty laboratory. As a catspert (can I call you that?), you observe and analyze the intricacies of cat behavior.

In this Vice video, you show off your cat knowledge, noting that humans love cats — and kittens in particular — because their big eyes remind us of human babies, and we’re naturally prone to care for and love human babies.  You even demonstrate your cat-on-human yoga techniques. Very impressive.

If you get a second, in between petting cats and cleaning kitty litter, I’d love to take you out for a glass of milk.

Yours in kittens,