A Food Blogger Gets Down & Dirty With The Worst Food From The ’50s

I know we, as a culture, eat a lot of disgusting things these days — but if 1950s cookbooks are anything to go by, it was even worse then. Virtually all foods were either pickled, creamed or came in some bizarre gelatinous mold form. I guess owing to all of the technological innovations that happened in the post-war US of A, companies were chomping at the bit to create new and “innovative” foods. And that’s why we have Jell-O, kids.

Ruth Clark has made it her life’s work to chronicle and try all of these disgusting food-like items over on her blog The Mid-Century Menu. Clark told Collector’s Weekly that her interest in vintage recipes stems from a box of cookbooks gifted to her by her grandmother. “I was like 14, and I started reading them like they were novels. I would just sit up at night to read them; they were just fascinating to me. I was like, ‘Mom, look at this.’ She said, ‘I know, right? I ate that stuff.'”

Clark has faithfully recreated dozens of these horrific recipes. Among her recent endeavors: A chocolate cake made with canned tomato soup, and a Perfection Salad , which is basically coleslaw inside of lemon or lime Jell-O (the thing pictured on the right is a Liver Mousse en Masse). In any case, we’re disgusted and amazed. [Collectors Weekly]