11-Year-Old David Williams Calls Out Adults For Bad Behavior, Is My New Hero

David Williams is no stranger to Dallas, TX, city council meetings. The 11-year-old has attended several with his mother in the past. But when David attended a meeting this past Wednesday, he was put off by the adult council members’ bad behavior. And he decided to say something.

In the video above, David heads to the speaker’s podium to ask a question about preventing violence in schools. And when the council fails to acknowledge him, he asks another question: “Do you feel it is acceptable for city council members to be up and walking around while constituents are addressing them?”

David’s question elicited quite a response — from one council member at least. Dwaine Caraway told David, “Let me first be apologetic to you because I do walk a lot around here but we had to keep things going at times but it is not so respectful to walk around when visitors are speaking so I will adhere to that as well.”

And here’s the best part: When asked if he’d like to one day be a city council member himself, Williams said he’d “rather be president.” [Newsone]