Violence Against Women Act Might Actually Pass The House Of Representatives

Keep your fingers crossed: Politico is reporting that the Violence Against Women Act is expected to pass in the House of Representatives this week.

VAWA was originally championed by then-Senator Joe Biden back in 1994 and gets renewed very six years. The bill allocates funds to help victims of rape and domestic violence, including money to process rape kits, and prosecute men accused of abusing women. Sounds like a no brainer, right? Well, it’s not. Apparently violence against women is A-OK for some of our politicians. Last year, VAWA hit a snag in the House, which refused to pass a Senate version of the bill allocating funds to undocumented women, same-sex partners, and Native American women who are abused by non-Native American men.

Fortunately, the Senate voted to reauthorizethe bill earlier this month, and after months of failing to pass its own bill, the House of Representatives will most likely end up voting on (and passing) the Senate version.  Sadly, the version of the Senate bill passed earlier this month removed the part to give U visas to undocumented women who are victims of abuse. (The technical reason is that granting the U visa is revenue raising and all bills that have to do with getting dollaz have to start in the House.) Either way, it sucks.  Alas, an initial vote is planned for today and the final bill could pass by Thursday.

If it’s important to you not to let VAWA fail, make sure you call your Congressional representatives.

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