Disney Video Games Shows They Know Exactly What It’s Like To Be A City Girl

The fabulous career as a fashion designer! The penthouse apartment! The closet filled with clothes!

Oh, yes, Disney, this is exactly what being a “City Girl” is like.

Their videogame, targeted towards 20- to 29-year-old women, is basically the grownup version of those videogames for little girls that consist of dressing your avatar in outfits and meeting boys. “City Girl” does have a plot progression: you’re a recent New York City transplant moving from a “grungy studio” to a penthouse and climbing the ladder in your career, making friends with rich kids and other fashion designers. She can shop, decorate her pad, try on clothes, attend costume parties, and hang out with her glamorous friends. All that seems to be missing is the perfect boyfriend. Girl, don’t I know it!

Sounds like light-hearted fun for a way-way-way-out-of-towner who wants to further the fantasy that “Sex and the City” was a documentary on NYC living. Oh, if only it were true. Call me when there’s a game where your avatar can get barfed on in the subway, okay?

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