Conservative Writer Compares Ashley Judd To Todd Akin

Ashley Judd was compared to Todd Akin by conservative writer for The Daily Caller, Alex Pappas. Seriously?

Ashley Judd’s name has been floated around as possible Democratic candidate to run Senator Mitch McConnell in Kentucky in 2014. But haters have already come out swinging, with a writer for conservative blog The Daily Caller comparing the actress/humantarian/women’s rights activist to Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin. No, seriously. He did:

“Judd runs the risk of being portrayed as a Todd Akin-esque candidate — meaning voters simply decide she’s unqualified to serve as a senator, because her comments are so outrageous.”

They both have the initial “A” in their names and when people talk about them the word “senate” is thrown around, but that’s where the similarities end. Judd’s comments may be on the liberal end of the spectrum, but they are not “outrageous” in the way that Akin’s uneducated comments were. Last I checked, Ashley Judd understands actual biology.

The Caller complied a list of her most “stunning comments.” Surprise, surprise, four out of her six cuh-razy comments have to do with her feminist ideals, which include Judd and her husband’s decision to not have children. I guess if you are not expected to carry a child for nine months (without mandatory paid maternity leave by the way), or take your wife’s last name, or be paid less than the opposite sex, then that must sound “stunning.”

Frankly, the backlash reinforces why we need more women like Ashley Judd in public office.

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