Would You Make Your Wedding Guests Instagram Your Wedding?

Instagram is taking over weddings and I’m not sure how I feel about it. I was gleefully pinning my way through Pinterest, looking for things to add to my “WEDDING INSANITY BOARD” when I found the above posted photo.

My immediate reaction was, “THIS IS WHAT TECHNOLOGY HAS DONE TO US.”

But when I think about it, I guess it makes sense. Regardless of whether you want your wedding guests to take their own photos of your wedding, they’re going to do it, and at least this way you can see all the photos without having to check every guests’ Facebook account or Flickr. Assuming everyone who uses Instagram hashtags your wedding with the appropriate whatever (like #WhimsicalWeddingCouple) it’s an organized way to see all of your photos.

I feel, though, that there’s something weird about it, though I can’t figure out what it is. I guess maybe it’s the idea that a cell phone app is playing such a big role on such a personal day. Personal in the sense that everyone posts photos of their meal or their night out “WITH THE GURLS” on Instagram but not everyone posts photos of their wedding day, complete with filters and captions and hashtags. With the boom of digital photography we’re getting used to seeing peoples’ wedding photos on Facebook (and MySpace if you’re either in your 30’s or just emerged from a very deep lagoon where you partied with Sebastian and Flounder) but it still sometimes feels weird to me, in the sense of, is it okay that I’m seeing this? If you’re the couple who posted it, and I’m your friend on Facebook then I’m going to assume that yes, it’s okay.

But what about the couples who don’t realize that their friends are posting their own amateur wedding photos on all of their Internets? I don’t think I would want my friend Leslie to capture that moment of me with my eyes half closed in a pose where, for that one moment when she snapped the photo, I look pregnant when I’m totally not. And I have no control over who sees Leslie’s photos. I don’t know if they’re friends locked or if they’re public. And I don’t know her friends. And with Instagram, unless her account is private, I REALLY don’t know how many people are seeing them, or who they are. Thankfully though I don’t have a friend named Leslie, and I’m glad, because she sounds like a total bitch.

I’m seeing more and more of these #OurWedding examples on Pinterest. What do you guys think? Is it weird or is it a natural progression that’s totally not a big deal?