Ryan Gosling Embarrassed By Dish Towel With His Face On It

I always thought my Ryan Gosling love knew no bounds, but I was wrong. I don’t make tea towels with the Gos’s face on them. (I’m too busy photoshopping ear cuffs on Daniel Day-Lewis.) While promoting his film “Gangster Squad,” a reporter for Rotten Tomatoes — my new hero, by the way — presented Ryan with a tea towel with his face on it, made by a woman in New Zealand. Ryan is innnnncredibly uncomfortable and bust out into a total giggle fit, but the interviewer kept the jokes coming. The whole clip is hilarious. “The Mayans were right: It is the end of the world. They were right. This is what they meant,” Ryan finally said, after he composed himself. “This is why they stopped the calendar. They were like, ‘You know what? They’re going to start doing dishtowels about that knucklehead, and it’s not worth it. It’s not worth recording anything after that.’” [Yahoo]

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