Michelle Williams And Jason Segel Are Dunzo

  • Nooooo! Michelle Williams and Jason Segel have broken up. Boo! We liked them as a couple. [Us Weekly]
  • Whoopsies! Miss Delaware Teen USA Melissa King has resigned after her porn tape surfaced. [Gawker]
  • Kathy Bates is joining “American Horror Story” season three! Yay! [Entertainment Weekly]
  • A former NYC restaurant employee dishes on 10 of the best and worst celebrities to wait on. Not surprised to hear that Matt Damon is super-nice and that Lea Michele was an absolute terror. (I’ve heard this elsewhere. Totally believe it.) [Crushable]
  • You know you want to see a picture of Chloe Mortez covered in blood for the “Carrie” remake. [Cinema Blend]
  • People are hating on Anne Hathaway because of the economy or something? [BlackBook Mag]
  • “Zero calorie noodles” are a thing that exists.  [The Gloss]
  • Artist Marina Abramovic wants to make a movie explaining James Franco to the world. We know enough already, thanks. [ANIMAL New York]
  • A writer for the Boston Globe compared Melissa McCarthy’s grey gown at the Oscars to an “elephant.” Wow, humanity just keeps getting worse and worse. [Jezebel]

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