Couple Get Married As Shrek & Fiona From “Shrek”

Because true love means never having to say you’re sorry, or, you know, justifying your weird obsession with the children’s movie “Shrek,” Jersey (as in Isle of Jersey, not the state) couple Paul and Heidi Bellas got married as Shrek and Fiona from “Shrek.”

The pair got the idea–and presumably the buckets of green finger paint–from their son Leo.  “The essence is that Shrek represents true love,” said Paul. “It doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like, if the love is there then that is what it is about.”

The couple had to get special permission to get wedded in face paint. Jersey law requires that couples getting married need to be “identified.”

Listen, I am truly happy for these two. Clearly you have met your soulmate if you can somehow find the only other person in the world who wants to get married as “Shrek.” And just in case you were worried that these two would be ridiculed by their family and friends during the ceremony, the rest of the wedding party was dutifully dressed as fairtytale characters too.

“I was standing at the altar, there were only three guests in the room and they were dressed up,” said Paul. “As the lift opened these people started to sit down but there was one dressed as a Flintstone with big feet.”

Amazingly (sadly) this isn’t the first couple to get married as “Shrek.” In 2009, Christine and Keith England also said their wedding vows as Fiona and Shrek. [BBC]