UPDATE: Why Does Yes To Carrots Moisturizer Endorse Street Harassment?

My girl friend Lilit is a beauty writer and positively rapturous about the Yes To Carrots and Yes To Blueberries lines. I’ve always meant to try one of their products sometime … but not anymore, now that I’ve seen some weird joke about catcalling that Yes To Carrots writes on the packaging of their moisturizer. Via Lisa McIntire, who tweeted “Why does my moisturizer endorse street harassment?”, the top of the packaging reads:

Yes to whistling (and yes to getting whistled at!). Yes to singing, cheering and yelling. Yes to making too much noise for no reason at all.

Perhaps they mistakenly think they’re being cheeky? Hey, Yes To Carrots, I don’t care how good your moisturizer is — I never want to be whistled at by random dudes on the street and told it’s a “compliment.” [Twitter.com/LisaMcIntire]

UPDATE: Yes To Carrots has responded to complaints of this packaging on Twitter. See a tweet after the jump:

Glad to hear it.

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