Time To Grow Up

Owning a watch — a sophisticated one — is one of the rites of passage into womanhood that passed me by. I had a number of neon and patterned Swatches in the ’80s, but I forgot to update. I love the way a chic watch can pull an outfit together, give you an air of confidence, let the world know that you are one badass, on-time lady. My watch style is ready to get an adult makeover. Citizen’s rose gold watch with Swarovski crystals — from Citizen’s new Drive collection — is vintage yet modern; affordable yet expensive looking. Perfect for a focused, 30-something woman who wants to make a statement.Most importantly, it’s convenient and eco-friendly because it’s are powered by light.  Meaning, I’ll never need to replace the batteries. That appeals to the girl in me, who still doesn’t find herself able to get around to doing those sorts of things. [$295, Kay Jewelerss]