Tanning Mom Considering A Move To Jolly Old England

New Jersey isn’t quite as fun when you’ve been banned from the local tanning salons. So Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil is doing what any UV-ray worshipper would do: she’s considering packing up her suntan oil and moving to the UK. The New York Daily News reports that our most embarrassing cultural export since the “Jersey Shore” cast went to Italy wants to move to London for “a new style of life,” presumably one where not everyone knows you got arrested for bringing your fair-haired five-year-old to a tanning salon and then fell over drunk on a red carpet.  Or maybe she just needed to evade “My Strange Addiction” producers pounding down her front door.  Either way, I just wonder why Tanning Mom didn’t choose a locale closer to the equator … [NYMag.com]