Lil Poopy Is A 9-Year-Old Rapper Who Slaps Adult Woman’s Ass In Music Video

Nine-years-old is apparently old enough for pint-sized actress Quvenzhané Wallis to be called a c**t.

So why not let a nine-year-old rapper called Lil Poopy slap an adult woman’s ass in his music video for “Pop That Remix”? Childhood — who needs it?

Ugh. When the fuck did we stop letting children be children and start sexualizing them?

Admittedly, Lil Poopy is a freaking cute kid. And it’s great, objectively, that young Poopy (real name: Luie Rivera, Jr.) is affiliated with the rapper French Montana and has performed onstage with P. Diddy. He earns up to $7,500 for performances! If he weren’t rapping about “making someone else’s girlfriend his groupie,” as the parenting blog Mommyish explains, we would probably call a child star like him a prodigy instead of giving him the sideeye.

But alas, sideye it is. You can’t help but look at a 4th grader who is rapping about Lambourghinis and Louis Vuitton and not think there’s a morally corrupt parent behind him being the master puppeteer.  Not surprisingly, Poopy’s dad Luie Rivera defends his nine-year-old son slapping the booty of an adult woman. He said it was meant as “praise,” like in sports, and pointed out that all the adults in the music video were fully clothed. Because apparently now you get Good Parenting Points for keeping adults clothed around your minor children!

The Massachusetts police isn’t buying it and the Rivera family is now in a fair amount of, dare I say it, poop. Police in Brockton, MA, have asked Child Protective Services to investigate the family for “possible child abuse or neglect.”

I’m with them. Yes, the kid is just posturing as if he’s in an “adult” music video. Child actors, like Jodie Foster in “Taxi Driver,” have played sexually mature roles onscreen that would be inappropriate in real life. However, as explains, “a body double was used to film the sexually explicit scenes and a child welfare worker was on set every day to supervise.” There seems to be no such assurances made for nine-year-0ld Lil Poopy: his is the nine-year-old hand slapping the ass of an adult woman. His dad doesn’t even deny it. There’s no way not to construe that gesture is sexualizing Lil Poopy in the male aggressor role when he is still a child.

Unfortunately, Luie Rivera’s sexualization of his young son isn’t the isolated incident: remember the upstate New York mother who hired two strippers to perform lap dances on kids as young as 13 at her son’s Sweet 16?  The flip side of parents of little girls, like the mom on “Toddlers & Tiaras” who had her five-year-0ld daughter sing “I’m Sexy & I Know It,” who teach their elementary school girls that they should be sexy.

There’s nothing else to say about this other than it is extremely sad.

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