Beauty Test Drive: Benefit’s Fakeup Concealer

Concealer is one of those beauty products that isn’t the least bit fun to purchase. It’s a lot more exciting to go straight to the eyeshadows and lip glosses, you know? But the un-fun stuff like foundation and concealer is what someone with, say, redness around their T-zone uses to get an unblemished palette, so to speak. So it’s absolutely worth your while to find a concealer to cover up zits, undereye circles or redness. And if you have more widespread skin issues, go for the gold with a liquid, cream or powder foundation to cover a larger area. I’ve been a fan of Benefit’s Boi-Ing concealer, but now I’m an even bigger fan of their newest product, Fakeup, a hydrating crease-control concealer.

Price/Availability: $24,

Packaging: Fakeup comes in a long, thin tube, similar to a lipstick, and is lightweight and easy to carry in even a small purse. The cap on top stays very securely.

Formula: Benefit’s tooting their horn over Fakeup’s unique design: a concealer center in the middle of a stick surrounded by a clear, moisturizing ring. It’s made with vitamin E and apple seed extract, so instead of feeling or looking waxy, cakey or gummy on, it just feels lightweight and comfortable. It comes in three different colors — pale, medium and bronzed. While those colors work well for folks of lighter hues, it sucks that there aren’t options available for people of color. (The darkest color, called “deep,” would best fit Amelia’s skin with a tan.)

Wear Time: The company brags that Fakeup keeps your skin hydrated for six hours. That may be true, but I wouldn’t say the color lasts six hours.  I think my face eats makeup regardless of how many long-lasting claims companies make. I put it on in the morning and then touch up again in the afternoon. Also, while Fakeup is marketed as a concealer, particularly for undereye circles and redness, in a pinch I have used it all over as a foundation.

Overall: I like Fakeup because it’s more lightweight and comfy to wear than other concealers. It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing makeup. It also doesn’t look as obvious on as other concealers do, perhaps because it sinks into the skin. Even with the $24 price tag, which is significantly more than drug store brands, I would be happy to replace my Fakeup once I run out.

Rating: 4/5

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