You’ve Got To Bee Kidding: “My Strange Addiction” Lady Stings Herself With Venom 15 Times A Day

There’s a love of natural medicine … and then there are the people who are so into natural medicine that they end up on TLC’s “My Strange Addiction.” Margaret, 53, is one of the latter. She’s been treating her arthritis with fresh-from-the-honeycomb honey bees, which she forces to sting her by holding them against her skin with giant tweezers. And she does this 15 TIMES A DAY. (I don’t think there’s anything I do 15 times a day, not even think about Clive Owen naked.) Margaret’s favorite places to sting herself are on her forehead, tip of her nose, finger, ankle, elbows and hip. She also insists 10 stings “makes sex great” although she didn’t divulge 10 stings where. Even with all this great sex and honey on tap, Margaret’s husband JD is not really sure about this stinging stuff. “At this point now, with 15 stings a day, that’s when I’ve started to get really concerned about this,” JD told “My Strange Addiction.” Hopefully these two can work through their differences and Margaret doesn’t tell her man to buzz off. Oh, I am so punny! [Daily Mail UK]