These Are Your Haircut Options In North Korea

Remember that time you accidentally became a huge fan of Skrillex and decided to shave off the hair on one side of your head? Yeah, well, if you lived in North Korea, you could get in major trouble — and not just with your parents who “just don’t understand” your love of Dubstep.

State actors in North Korea’s capital of Pyongyang have distributed photo cards offering state-approved hairstyle options. We are particularly fond of numbers 6, 8 and 16. The coiffure obsession can be traced back to at least 2005, when North Korean television hosted a program entitled, I shit you not, “Let’s trim our hair in accordance with the Socialist lifestyle.” The show actively went out on North Korea’s streets to capture and reprimand haircut rebels.

Departed former Dear Leader Kim Jong Il was particularly vocal about his disdain for foreign hairstyles. In 2009, he publicly lambasted a female salesclerk for not conforming to approved hairstyles. “Is she really our own Korean woman? Why is she giving up our own traditional beauty and choosing to model bad foreign habits of the capitalist?” Kim said.

No word on what hairstyles the current Dear Leader Kim Jong Un prefers. [Huffington Post]