Pucker Up: The Best Lip Treatments And Balms At Every Price

Is this winter weather killing your lips? Because it’s seriously killing my lips. Last night, as I tried to catch up on “Downton Abbey” I got super distracted by how cracked my lips were and had to pause and find my balm (it had slipped under the bed). Don’t do what I did though — have a good balm at the ready. We’ve got ten super rich, moisturizing options, at virtually every price point. Check ‘em out!

1. John Masters Organics Lip Calm: Made with a buttload of organic ingredients, you’ll love this because it’s inexpensive and it really, really works. [$6]

2. Ole Henricksen Fresh Lips: This balm never leaves my bedside. In the winter, my apartment is deeply, deeply dry, and this minty balm soothes my pucker. [$15]

3. Dr. Haushka Lip Care Stick: Employs shea butter and jojoba wax, which is as useful as it is fun to say. [$13.95]

4. Love & Toast Candy Apple Lip Butter: Rachel swears by this natural balm, which comes in a slew of tasty flavors. Made with extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, shea butter — oh, just about everything good for your lips. [$2.99]

5. Reve de Miel Lip Moisturizing Stick: It’s been tested in Canada, and you know it get cold up in that bitch. [$9]

6. SunBum Lip Care: Inexpensive and good-smelling. What more could you ask for. Comes in banana, mango, key lime, coconut, guava and key lime. A veritable fruit salad of lip balm flavors! [$3.99]

7. Sugar Lip Polish: Before you bother with a balm, try out this lip polish, which incorporates actual sugar crystals to exfoliate away all of your dead lip skin (I know, gross). It’ll leave you with a nice clean palette for puckering up. (And psst, if you’re so inclined, you could make a cheap-y DIY version of this with vitamin E and sugar crystals). [$22]

8. Clark’s Botanicals Ultra Rich Lip Balm: Vanilla Planifolia and Jasmine extracts keep this balm on point. [$15.20]

9. Sugar Lip Treatment, SPF 15: A soft and smooth balm with moisture-preserving sugar and a ton of polyphenols to keep your lips in tip top shape. [$22.50]

10. LipFusion Lip Balm: Softens and protects with sunflower oil and something called AmpliFat, which is supposed to make your lips look plumper and fuller. Either way, they’ll definitely feel better. [$22]

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